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Ecotoxicity mesocosm study

Screening how produced water affects biota in a receiving water body

What is it?

Ecotoxicological tests are conducted by DHI on a mesocosm level. At the maritime technology evaluation facility it is possible to develop a test set-up that can meet most of the test requirements. This study provides the client an estimate of the possible effect of their produced water on the surrounding ecosystem.  

Project highlights:

Mesocosm testing

Taxonomic characterisation of plankton communities down to species level

Cocktail effect assessment

How we do it?

Produced water was sent by the client to DHI who conducted the exposure of the marine zooplankton and phytoplankton communities. Representative samples were analysed by experts in microscopy and taxonomy. The effect of the exposure concentration over time on species diversity was used as input for a model of the effect on the ecosystem around the discharge point.

About client:

The client is located in Denmark, an active provider in oil and gas exploration and production and the marketing of petroleum products and related services.