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Our land-based test facility permit parallel type approval testing of up to five ballast water management systems, and several test cycles can be conducted per week. Our large and qualified teams of technicians, biologists, engineers and chemists have the capacity to conduct the 15 land-based test cycles (5 in each of three salinities) and 5 shipboard test cycles typically required within the shortest possible time.

DHI A/S has practical experience with type approval testing of many different ballast water management systems such as filtration + electro-chlorination, filtration + ultraviolet (UV) radiation and pasteurization. It is important that the test waters used in the land-based test present a realistic challenge and enable identification of the system’s boundaries for efficient treatment. We have not yet seen a ballast water management system which offers the ideal treatment solution in all types of water. We believe that type approval testing should provide information on strong technical performance as well as on possible limitations.

Conduct pilot testing to enhance test results
Ballast water management systems are often newly developed when the first large-scale testing is initiated at the land-based test facility. Frequently, these systems have not been challenged with the complex test waters that are being used in tests for type approval. We recommend manufacturers of ballast water management systems to conduct pilot tests at the test facility prior to biological performance testing for type approval. The results of the pilot tests may be used by the manufacturer to make final adjustments of the system and to define appropriate performance claims accordingly.

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Our documentation comply with U.S. Coast Guard Standards and IMO Guidelines
All documentation of performance of ballast water management systems are carried out according to the U.S. Coast Guard Standards for Living Organisms in Ships’ Ballast Water Discharged in U.S. Waters and the IMO Guidelines for Approval of Ballast Water Management Systems (G8).

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