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DHI Laboratory products

We are a producer of high purity plant pigment standards, cyano toxin standards, C-14 ampoules and filtration equipment for various plankton investigations. We determine the phytoplankton composition and biomass, toxicity of cyanobacteria and the primary production. Furthermore, we offer specialised phytoplankton analyses in our laboratories, supply various types of filters and arrange courses in phytoplankton pigment analysis.

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In-house products

Some of our most popular products are shown below.

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Main Products

Carotenoids and Chlorophylls

Ready-to-use HPLC grade phytoplankton pigment standards, especially applicable in calibration of instruments, e.g., HPLC, shipped in dry ice all over the world with a Certificate-of-Analysis showing the concentration and the HPLC chromatogram.

We analyse your phytoplankton samples by HPLC and report the concentrations of the pigments in accredited reports.

Sodium bicarbonate [14C]

C-14 ampoules containing a sterile aqueous solution of NaH14CO3 are ready to use in measurements of phytoplankton primary production and are distributed with a certificate specifying the radioactivity.

The NaH14CO3 is purified in our laboratories by distillation in order to remove metals that can affect the primary production.

Samples can be shipped to the DHI laboratories for accredited liquid scintillation counting.

Filtration equipment

Manifolds for vacuum filtration of up to 10 or 5 samples on 25 mm filters.

The chimneys have a capacity of 20 mL or 100 mL and hold the filters. The manifold is supplied with a holder for independent collection of filtrates in 20 mL vials or in 100 mL bottles if needed.

The possibility of independent control of 10 or 5 simultaneous filtration with a two-way Teflon tap and the fact that the manifold can rotate makes it well-suited for working with several samples at one time.


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