Test facilities

DHI Ballast Water Centre has test facilities in Denmark and in Singapore.

DHI Maritime Technology Evaluation Facility – Denmark
The test facility conducts biological evaluations of maritime technologies. Due to the unique location of the test facility, high quality water is available from natural sources of fresh water and seawater. Fresh water is collected in lake Arresoe and transported by lorry to the test facility. The water outside the test facility is brackish (approx. 18 PSU) and high saline test water is prepared by addition of brine to the natural brackish water. 

The test facility comprises six ballast retention tanks of 250 m3 each and one source tank of 750 m3. Testing can usually be conducted from the beginning of March to mid-December.

DHI Land-Based Test Facility - Singapore
The ballast water test facility in Singapore is the first of its kind in a tropical climate.

The test facility comprises three tanks with a total volume of 1050 m3 and access to ambient sources of fresh water, brackish water and high saline water. Testing can be conducted during all seasons.

For more information, please contact:

DHI Denmark
Torben Madsen: tma@dhigroup.com
Gitte I. Petersen: gip@dhigroup.com

DHI Singapore
Hans Eikaas: hae@dhigroup.com